I grew up in the Adirondack region of upstate New York and, after living
for many years in Houston, have recently moved back. I'm so lucky-I've
been blessed with an absolutely amazing daughter and fantastic family
and friends to whom I'm truly grateful.  

I began working with polymer clay after starting out making cakes and
decorating them with cake toppers made of fondant. I love working with
the clay-I find I'm able to add more detail, the colors stay far more vibrant
than the fondant and there's no worry about it deteriorating or
disintegrating like the sugar can.

I give a lot of time and thought to each cake topper because I know that
to the person receiving it, it's more than just something on top of a cake,
it's a lasting memory that's been created just for them. I hope each
one brings years of smiles and happiness.
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